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25 Oct 2016

The whole world is eagerly waiting for Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2. To bridge the wait, Blizzard has now set up a steam-like service, which we will introduce to you in the show.
Diablo & amp; Starcraft - Download for free !?

"Where to the Lokus is my" Broodwar "CD?"
This question I have often asked myself and never answered. Either it is in the basement with the Mollusken or was disposed on a LAN with the Pizzaschachtel.
Like I am probably many of you, who would love to play an old "Blizzard" classic, but after ten years simply no longer possess the software.

Luckily, however, there is now a profound opportunity to avoid this problem. Similar to "Steam", "Blizzard" now has an online shop where you can buy the "Blizzard" hits digitally and they will always be available for you online.

The key: If you still find your old CD Keys, you can even specify them there to make the corresponding game available online at no cost. So in the future, you can download the games simply by clicking on your "Blizzard" account on a secluded island.

The service is so new that even many of the keys on the Internet work here. Of course, we advise against foreign serial numbers. After all, you can buy "Starcraft" and "Broodwar" in the bundle for 15 euros this way quite simply. The payment currently runs exclusively by credit card.

Although the entire Anno 2002 in the Bundle only 9 euros in the shop tasted, while for the "Blizzard" package with WC2 and SC1 plus Addon only about 15 euros has paid.
Bargains you find rather less on the side, but the possibility to enter its old keys there is comfortable and free.

In addition, the rumors, according to which "Blizzard" in the near future announces the continuation to the Diablo series. Recently, the Californians secured the domain Perhaps the expected announcement will arrive in Paris at the Worldwide Invitational organized by "Blizzard" at the end of June 2008.
Hope does not cost anything.

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